Furnaces for growing crystals by Kyropoulos method (GOI) and Stepanov method (EFG).


а)Furnaces for growing crystals according to the Kyropoulos method (GOI)

Diameter/mass of crystal (mm/kg) 200/32 300/65 300/85 350/100 400/150
Maximum possible total power consumption for melting (kVA) 55 65 75 85 90
Real power consumption during the technological process (kVA) 38,5 47,7 65 70 75
Supply mains (V, AC) 380/480, 3 phase (depends customer’s requirement)
Heating method resistive (tungsten heater)
Heater’s supply voltage (V) 12 AC/DC, 24 AC/DC (depends modification)
Control system PLC (programmable controller)

Provides automation overall crystal growing process, except seeding

Growing process supervision
  • on the control panel, near the furnace
  • from the dispatcher’s PC in the control room
  • online via internet
Controlled parameters in the crystal growing program
  • heater voltage, current & power
  • growing crystal mass & weight increment in time
  • temperature of cooling water, chamber’s heat-sink value
  • crystal pulling & traverse speed
  • vacuum level in the growing chamber
Cooling system Circulating water in closed system, under the automation control of software
Dimensions (WxLxH, mm) 2200x2000x2300
Sapphire crystal growth station (furnace) with AC power supply to the heater (SCR controller)
Sapphire crystal growth station (furnace) with DC power supply to the heater (IGBT)













We grow optical quality sapphire crystals weighing 32 kg with a diameter of 200 mm; 65,85,100, 150 kg with a diameter up to 300mm;



б) Control system and software for crystal growth process by modified Kyropoulos method (GOI);

1.Control system and software development for sapphire crystal growth equipment according to customer’s specifications.

2.Technical support and software update.


а) Тепловые узлы для ростовых и отжиговых установок.

1.Self-designed hot zones are made of various materials for long life, high energy efficiency and low maintenance costs..

2.Hot zone consumable parts in accordance with customer’s drawings.

3.Self-designed or customized heating units made of different materials.
б) Crystal processing tool sets