Sapphire for LEDsSapphire for LEDs Sapphire ingots are mainly used for high brightness LED substrates (2-6 inches). LED applications: lamps of all types, backlit TVs, laptops, mobile phones, outdoor advertising and etc. LED is the key sapphire application in our days. LED substrates are the most effective sapphire application in comparison of cost and quality.


Sapphire for microelectronicsSapphire for microelectronics Sapphire substrates are the largest sapphire application. Sapphire substrates are used for semiconductor film epitaxy (GaN, Si, AlGaN and others) and for producing of integrated circuits. The sapphire substrates advantages are inertness, mechanical load and high temperature operation ability, large diameter. Therefore sapphire substrates are used even when lattice parameters don’t coincide with the heteroepitaxial structure parameters.


Sapphires for opticsSapphires for optics Sapphire is widely used for optic and optoelectronic devices such as: observation windows (with dimensions from several millimeters to several hundred millimeters) used on land, underwater and in space; lenses and prisms; all temperature LEDs; focusing cones; high-temperature protective covers for thermocouples; special lamp shells; navigation device protective caps and many others.


Sapphires for medical equipmentSapphires for medical equipment Sapphire applications in medicine: implants, surgery and medical devices. Sapphire can be implanted into the body tissues because it doesn’t react with organic acids and tissues, sapphire surpass all construction materials in inertness and biocompatibility.


Sapphires for watchesSapphires for watches Synthetic sapphire is used for watch jewels manufacturing (axial and friction bearings). It is an affordable, stable quality, solid and durable material for friction units. Watch glasses made of light-colored and wait sapphire are used by all known watch manufacturers. The matter is not just in fashion, there are no scratches on the sapphire glasses.


Techsapphire Ltd.


Our company in cooperation with foreign partners from South East Asia produce and sell various components for hot zones of high-temperature furnaces and growth stations for own use and various other purposes.

We take orders for ceramic components in accordance with the customer’s requirements. We have two types of the ceramics for high-temperature furnaces: corundum (Al2O3) and zirconia (ZrO2).

Ceramics based on zirconium dioxide stabilized with yttrium (Y2O3) can withstand temperatures of over 2200 degrees Celsius, it is resistant to acid and alkaline attack and has considerable strength. The ceramic has a unique ability to increase its mechanical strength under load, due to the mechanism of transformation strengthening and can work in vacuum, as well as in oxidizing and reducing atmosphere.

Different types of ceramic products.

Ceramics based on zirconium dioxide.

Mass fraction of the main component
Mass fraction of stabilizing additive % Mass fraction of impurities % Operating temperature in Kelvin degrees
Y2O3 Ca SiO2 Fe2O3
91,8 8 0 0,1 0,1 2473
87,8 – 91,8 8-12 0 0,1 0,1 2473
94,6 0 5,2 0,1 0,1 2473 – 2673

Physical and mechanical properties of corundum and zirconia ceramics.

Property Alumina Y-TZP
Chemical composition 100% Al2O3 ZrO2+(3-8)%mol Y2O3
Density g/cm 3 >= 3.97 > 6
Porosity, % < 0.1 < 0.1
Flexural strength, MPa 500 900-1200
Compressive Strength, MPa 4100 2000
Young’s modulus, hPa 380 210
Fracture toughness K1S MPa m-1 4 9-10
Thermal expansion coefficient, (293-323К) К-1 8 х 10-6 11 х 10-6
Thermal conductivity (298К), Wm К-1 30 2
Operating temperature (К) 1973-2023 2473-2673

Excellent physical and chemical properties of zirconia ceramics as a refractory material can take advantage of this product is in mechanical engineering, electronics, aerospace, etc.

We sincerely welcome new and old customers in our country and around the world. Our company is ready to offer mutually beneficial cooperation on additional segments of our products. All products are manufactured using modern technologies with innovation and strict quality control! This allows us to provide world-class products to our customer.

Our philosophy in business is high quality, high technology products, honest partnership and cooperation!

Example of ceramic components for high-temperature furnace.

Example of ceramic hot zone assembly.

At the customer’s request we can develop and manufacture hot zones with resistive tungsten or molybdenum heaters for furnace of different types at the request of customers.

We suggest cooperation to all interested companies!