Sapphire for LEDsSapphire for LEDs Sapphire ingots are mainly used for high brightness LED substrates (2-6 inches). LED applications: lamps of all types, backlit TVs, laptops, mobile phones, outdoor advertising and etc. LED is the key sapphire application in our days. LED substrates are the most effective sapphire application in comparison of cost and quality.


Sapphire for microelectronicsSapphire for microelectronics Sapphire substrates are the largest sapphire application. Sapphire substrates are used for semiconductor film epitaxy (GaN, Si, AlGaN and others) and for producing of integrated circuits. The sapphire substrates advantages are inertness, mechanical load and high temperature operation ability, large diameter. Therefore sapphire substrates are used even when lattice parameters don’t coincide with the heteroepitaxial structure parameters.


Sapphires for opticsSapphires for optics Sapphire is widely used for optic and optoelectronic devices such as: observation windows (with dimensions from several millimeters to several hundred millimeters) used on land, underwater and in space; lenses and prisms; all temperature LEDs; focusing cones; high-temperature protective covers for thermocouples; special lamp shells; navigation device protective caps and many others.


Sapphires for medical equipmentSapphires for medical equipment Sapphire applications in medicine: implants, surgery and medical devices. Sapphire can be implanted into the body tissues because it doesn’t react with organic acids and tissues, sapphire surpass all construction materials in inertness and biocompatibility.


Sapphires for watchesSapphires for watches Synthetic sapphire is used for watch jewels manufacturing (axial and friction bearings). It is an affordable, stable quality, solid and durable material for friction units. Watch glasses made of light-colored and wait sapphire are used by all known watch manufacturers. The matter is not just in fashion, there are no scratches on the sapphire glasses.


Techsapphire Ltd.

About us

Techsapphire Ltd. specializes in Kyropulos sapphire crystals growth, as well as in sapphire crystal growth stations (furnaces) manufacturing. Techsapphire Ltd. is the first company established in new industrial park “Severniy” nearby the regional center and the first one in the Belgorod region with up to 90 kg crystals growth capacity.

Techsapphire Ltd. administration is planning to grow the crystals more than 100 kg, and already has respective developments for this purpose. In short term a large size crystal growth production department is going to be arranged in the industrial park “Severniy”. Such crystals are used in electronics, optical, watch and instrument industries. They are going to be supplied for domestic and foreign markets. Such countries as Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, China, and Korea are already in the export list.

Techsapphire Ltd. is innovative engineering company with leading edge equipment production on the basis of own developments. More than 20 professionals are engaged in new developments. Our company produces the equipment in close cooperation with partners (Formica-Phianite Co., Ltd., Thailand, etc.) and suppliers from Russia and other countries.

We take part in Russian and foreign annual specialized exhibitions.

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